Olga Larionova

2000 – Abramtsevo College of Arts and Crafts, Faculty of Ceramic Art, special field – Applied Art.

2008 – St. Petersburg Repin State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of Russian Academy of Arts, Department of Arts.

Union member of the Union of Russian Artists.

Continued participation in Russian national and foreign art exhibitions.

Art works are in St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, and private collections in Russia, France, Germany, United States, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania, Austria, China, Holland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, U.A.E., and other countries.

“In my paintings, I combine realism and decorativeness. I like writing genre paintings with romantic scenes, unusual still-life, and portraits. I find images for pictures in life, my imaginations and memories. I try to reflect my impressions, the seen scenes with romantic touches that turn into plastically bright artistic images. These images are both natural and modern. Colors of my works are always bright and saturated. I like open and cheerful colors.
When creating works in building compositions, I try to create dynamism, vitality in the ordonnance of space. Gentle attitude toward textured material qualities and attentiveness to detail help me convey vivid sensations, while combining the reality and irreality of scenes in pictures.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/olga.larionova.94


  1. Union artist Saint-Petersburgs, Autumn- 2006, Saint-Petersburg/Russia
  2. International exhibition of young artists, Nadezhda-5,Union of artists, St. Petersburg.Russia
  3. all-Russian youth exhibition, Central house of artists,Moscow, 2007
  4. Modern Art from Saint-Petersburg. World Art Delft.The Nethrlands /2006-2007
  5. GalleryKadieff .Tet-a-tet. Helsenki. Finland. 2008
  6. Group exhibition in Munich. Gallery Anna-Maria Burger. Germany 2008-2009
  7. Аrt-beauty,Central house of artists,Moscow. 2008
  8. Exhibition group . Paris. France. 2008
  9. Gallery «К.ARTON» exhibition .St. Petersburg.Russia. 2009
  10. Exhibition “Beauty in the eyes of women” Gallery “Petersburg art center, St. Petersburg. Russia. 2010
  11. Series exhibitions in France, dedicated to the year of Russia in France.
    • La Source Galerie. France. Dijon.exposition 10.04.10-02.05.10
    • Exhibition of the city Vesoul (Vesoul). France .июль2010
    • Exhibition of the city Chatillon-sur-seine.France. 29.09.10-05.10.10
    • Exhibition of the city of Fontainebleau (Fontainebleau). France. c 01.12.10 the 27.12.10
  12. Created book with illustrations of the Russian ballet «the Nutcracker», USA.
  13. Personal exposition. City of Fontainebleau (Fontainebleau). France. with о5.11.12 on 13.01.13
  14. Personal exhibition in St. Petersburg. Russia. Gallery of N-Prospekt. 2012
  15. WITH 2013 series of exhibitions in Hong Kong, China and in Fontainebleau, France
  16. Whispering Bells. An Exhibition of Two Emerging Russian Female Artists. 2-Jan-2013 – 19-Jan-2013 Red Square Gallery, Hong Kong
  17. Solar Eclipse (Stanley Plaza Branch). A Group Exhibition of Three Emerging Russian Female Artists. 21-Jan-2013 – 31-Mar-2013. Red Square Gallery, Hong Kong
  18. Pancake Festival. A Solo Exhibition of emerging Russian artist Olga Larionova. 16-May-2013 – 31-Aug-2013. Red Square Gallery, Hong Kong
  19. St.Petersburg Union Of Artists. Section of painting. Solo exposition. Russia. 5.11.13 – 08.12.13
  20. Group exhibitions in Austria . Vienna .
  21. April – may 2015. The exhibition “the Tenth Muse” . Austria ,Baden.
  22. May the year 2015. International exhibitionArt Revolution Taipei 2015
  23. March – May 2015. Red Square Gallery . Hong Kong .
  24. November 2015 . International exhibition ART EXPO SPB 2015
  25. February 2016 . International exhibition “Art-Perm 2016 “
  26. March 2016. Gallery “JiMing” exhibition “Beauty through the eyes of women” . Saint-Petersburg .Russia
  27. International exhibitionArt Revolution Taipei 2016
  28. May 2016 . Gallery “Bellizo” . Saint-Petersburg . Russia